Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The vagaries of being famous

Well,I came upon Linus Torvald's blog when surfing. I have been to his official website ,when he used to work for Transmeta , in which he admitted that he isn't much web savvy. Well,now he's started blogging for good, the scores of people that worship him.
It's gratifying to have such a fan following , but sometimes people encyst you into an identity of the work that you do. An example , Linus posted a photo of his pet dog and he said he thought it was quite dumb.

And someone made a crack :
"It's a cute dog and I'm sure it brightens everybody's days. Why would you want him to be smarter? You'd pass him some kernel bugs, wouldn't you..."

Someone else said
Cute doggy! Give it a Tux plushie as a gift to play with! :-D

And yet
I thought you had a pet penguin.

And one more thing , there was a lot of comment spamming on the post.A lot of spam chinese characters that may have been unsolicited eulogy for the penguin.Figure it out

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