Sunday, September 20, 2009

Python IDEs #2

I downloaded Netbeans 6.7 Python Early access today.
And it is as powerful as it can get.

It comes with Python and Jython support with all the stuff you'd expect including code completion,syntax highlighting and great preview support.You don't have to worry about getting
indentation correct,typing those annoying selfs over and over and if you are more comfortable with Swing rather than wxWidgets you can suit youself

For those who haven't heard of Jython here's a quick and dirty explanation.Basically it allows you to write python code that is compiled into java bytecode and you can do the all the stuff using the JDK in a Python like syntax that somehow takes care of the discrepancy between dynamically typed Python and statically typed Java(Well,I have to concede that somehow you can use introspection in Java to do the same,but it sounds messy and not right)

Okay,so these are the steps

1.Download netbeans 6.7 py(EA) here or Python plugin for 6.5
2.For Jython go to
3.For Python go to

So where does Jython leave good old Python?Keep in mind that Jython is distinct from Python.So you can develop python apps the way you always did,but now you can use the good autocompletion features and the debugger and if you want your Python code to interoperate with
Java frameworks and in the end have the JVM execute it rather than the Python interpreter

And people who are seriously looking at Jython should also read:

1.Dhananjay's blog on how a dynamically typed language changes class design principles
2.this atricle from ibm developerworks

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Python IDE

I've been bitten by Python these past few days.Combined with the joy of discovering a really good language is the realization that there are few good tools with features that a developer shouldn't live without.

So what is so special about Python?It's difficult to say,only it feels more natural to express a program in Python compared to statically checked languages like Java or C#(Of course,I still don't understand why Rossum insisted on adding a self as first argument to every class method)

I started out with using Stani's Python Editor for learning purposes.It's a good IDE with a great layout and lots of useful functionality.Debugging is just one step away with good old WinPDB
It's one of the best IDEs around with a fair support for Intellisense.

The second IDE(or should I say editor) worth looking at is Ulipad.It tops Stani's editor in Intellisense and other functionality is pretty much the same.It also supports a variety of other languages and is recommended for PhP

And now we come to GUI design,I use wxGlade, but if you can tell me of you find something better

So,if you're about to do any serious pythoning, you'll need the following

  • WinPDB(Windowed python debugger)
  • UliPad or SPE
  • wxGlade or equivalent
and I forgot to mention, good programming and debugging skills, for only the stout of heart can withstand the mighty Python..Ahem

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The vagaries of being famous

Well,I came upon Linus Torvald's blog when surfing. I have been to his official website ,when he used to work for Transmeta , in which he admitted that he isn't much web savvy. Well,now he's started blogging for good, the scores of people that worship him.
It's gratifying to have such a fan following , but sometimes people encyst you into an identity of the work that you do. An example , Linus posted a photo of his pet dog and he said he thought it was quite dumb.

And someone made a crack :
"It's a cute dog and I'm sure it brightens everybody's days. Why would you want him to be smarter? You'd pass him some kernel bugs, wouldn't you..."

Someone else said
Cute doggy! Give it a Tux plushie as a gift to play with! :-D

And yet
I thought you had a pet penguin.

And one more thing , there was a lot of comment spamming on the post.A lot of spam chinese characters that may have been unsolicited eulogy for the penguin.Figure it out